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Are you going to get what you want if you remain silent? No — the people who get what they want are the ones who communicate powerfully. You already know what you want. Free download. Inverted in Larry Niven 's novel ARM , where protagonist Gil Hamilton speculates that "Ecks", the last name of one of the people he interviews while investigating a murder, may have back-formed from a 20th-Century ancestor who changed his name to "X" as Malcolm X did. In The Wheel of Time , Robert Jordan used this on occasion, with Elayne Elaine and Logain Logan being the most obvious normal names with single letters replaced or added.

The most prominent concentration of such names is near the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, ranging from unconventional "Maigan" for Megan to plain odd "Caralin" for Caroline and "Joni" for Johnny. Piers Anthony 's Bio of a Space Tyrant has a character named "Shelia", whose name was misspelled on her birth certificate. It was written that way as a text representation of Rebus Bubbles in a telepathic society. Discworld Thud!

Hier begynneth the booke callyd the Myrrour of the worlde ... — Image du monde. English.

Three "e"s. Also, Tawneee has a friend called Broccolee originally Candi, but changed it after she heard that broccoli is healthier. This might be an Invoked Trope , because they're both stri- exotic dancers. The same book features Mr. Pessimal, whose name is A. Just A.

Then there's Magrat Garlick, the original third member of the Lancre witches, who was supposed to be named "Margaret" but got sideswiped by an illiterate baptism. She attempted to avoid this fate for her daughter, but thanks to a too-literal reading of her instructions by the priest officiating at the ceremony, the poor child ended up with the name "Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre".

In Wintersmith , we learn that Roland's last name is Chumsfanleigh. A footnote tells us that it's "Pronounced Chuffley" and that "it wasn't his fault". In Unseen Academicals , the necroma- sorry, "post-mortem communicator" Dr Hicks has taken to spelling his name "Hix", because no self respecting official token evil wizard should pass up a chance to have an x in his name. Most of the directly-patterned characters died before the team got their own line of novels; by that time, the only two direct Expies left were pilot Harry Luck and cyborg team leader " Xris ".

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His Deadpan Snarker Siamese sidekick claimed misspelled names were more badass. It is not mentioned whether the "3" is silent. Wodehouse liked this trope, perhaps because his name is pronounced "wood-house", not "woad-house". In a rare surname example, Rupert or Ronald Psmith. The P is silent, "as in pshrimp", but he can tell if he's being called "Smith" , and will correct people. In his first book, Psmith admits that he deliberately changed his name because "Smith" is too common. A short story features a baronet called Sir Jasper ffinch-ffarowmere, who could hear you say "Finch-Farrowmere".

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The "two small fs" thing actually occurs in Real Life. To rhyme with Bloffingham. There's also Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge , whose middle name is pronounced "Fanshawe". It's a genuine, if unusual, English name. And yes, it is pronounced like that. With a "w". His Aunt Dahlia didn't approve of her for precisely that reason, rattling off a long list of other suspect names such as "Kathryn" and "Ysobel". Most impressively, she does this in conversation. On the other hand, "Gwladys" with a w may be the historical spelling. Used in Robert A. Heinlein 's The Cat Who Walks Through Walls as a plot point; they heard the name pronounced 'Tolliver' but weren't sure whether it was Tolliver or Pronounced-Tolliver-But-Spelled-Taliaferro and had to figure out which because he had to die by midnight.

The Ross O'Carroll-Kelly novels have many, many female characters whose parents have given them affected unique forenames; Ross even refers to them as "Jayne with a Y", "Keera with two E's", "Erika with a K" In The Silence of the Lambs , the murderer insists he be addressed as "Jame".

Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash has a character named "Da5id", apparently replacing the V with the number associated with its Roman numeral. It's likely a hacker handle. Asimov's "Unto The Fourth Generation" touches on this tangentially: a man goes through a day seeing variant spellings of the name Levkovich everywhere he goes; it turns out to be the spirit of a dead ancestor by that name, making an ultimately successful attempt to contact him.

Although the spelling of these names is not called into question because the characters never had to spell them , the "telltale mispronunciation" was mentioned as a sign that these were indeed clones.


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Since this is Timothy Zahn we're talking about, there's a pun involved too: It's not just a mispronunciation; since both clones characters have the letter U in their names, the clone is Another U. One wonders what C'baoth would've named the clone of Mara Jade he intended to create. Even though they didn't actually look a thing like droids.

No other clones, not even the "Devist family" and Tierce from the Hand of Thrawn duology, written by the same author, distort their names like that. Maybe it's a Joruus thing, or maybe because these new ones were desperate to keep anyone from knowing that they were clones , and the Devists were all furiously working to avert Which Me? The same author uses this trope as a way to slip in very normal at least pronounciation-wise , Earth-sounding names such as Jacen, Jorj, Billey, Rion, and Odonnl.

Audiobook narrators tend to pronounce Jorj, for example, as "Zhorzh" instead of "George". Winnie-the-Pooh has this a lot. Since the series also has No Pronunciation Guide and at least three different sets of "official" pronunciation two different audiobook readers and the TV show , this can lead to a fair bit of confusion about whether the names should be pronounced like their real-world counterparts, or differently e. Petyr Baelish as "Peter" vs. The Legends of Laconia character Cassiopoeia insists on the nickname "Cassi", without the "e".

Hypocritical Humor because her brother Ferdinand is irritated when she calls him "Ferdy", which she does constantly; it's even become his Fan Nickname.

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  7. Rebekkah from Graveminder. Many female names end with variants of 'Lynn' — Saralynne, Terrilynne, Flairalynne. In the ColSec Trilogy , the protagonist's surname is "MaKiy," which can be interpreted as a phonetic spelling of the traditional pronunciation of "McKay. Cayke the Cookie Cook, from the Oz books.

    David Sedaris writes in his book Me Talk Pretty One Day : "One evening we went to move an attractive young woman who found it charming to spell the name Kim with an h , a y , and two ms. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series does this constantly, featuring main characters like Rhage, Zsadist, and Qhuinn.

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    The female characters mostly seem to escape unscathed but there is an Ehlena. Kydd takes pains to point out that his name is spelled with a Y instead of a I. In Sisters No Way! Cindy's narration mentions that her mother wanted to spell her name 'Cyndi' but her very Irish father refused. The Goldfinch : Theo's father's bimbo girlfriend insists that her name be spelled "Xandra.

    Lyv Akshon Teevee. Some of the Grounders in The have this, to emphasize how languages and naming conventions evolved in 97 years.

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    Examples include Nyko Nico and Gustus Augustus. Season 16 had Caite pronounced "Katie", not "Kate". Season 21 had Jaymes A memorable A Bit of Fry and Laurie sketch involved a character named Derek giving a report to a policeman. When asked to give his full name, he says "Derek" and then drops a cigarette lighter on the table. Candi: My name is Candi. Frasier: noticing her necklace Yes, I see. With an "I". Frasier: Yes I believe that's why he changed it, too. Jack : Two Rs as well?


    How cute. Samantha : Said his mother wanted him to be different. Diane : Well, she's got an armed robber for a son. That's different.